Pruning Secateur

Gardeners most prized tool: the humble secateurs

It is just astonishing the versatility of A simple pair of secateurs be there when I most needed items in any garden tool box. The reason for this is because; simply they are just absolutely vital when it comes to dealing and helping you look after the garden. It doesn't matter whether you're doing some high-quality topiary or whether or not you just trimming your Roses so all of those are covered by the humble secateurs. There are literally dozens of secateurs out there and it's really important to know which one's going to be best for you and we are going to go through all of the higher quality ones you can imagine from rubber handle grips to spring loaded secateurs that will really help you get through the work that you need to do in the garden quickly and effectively.

Take cuttings and grow new plants

One of the most unbelievable and gifted things you can do with a set of secateurs take cuttings and grow new plants from those old trees. One of the best things about growing new trees like this Is the fact you can be totally selective in the way that you pick the most strong and quality trees or shrubs and get the absolute best new growth possible.

the humble secateurs
the humble secateurs

When you take cuttings with high quality secateurs it means you're getting really sharp edges and clean cuts and that really helps the root to grow really quickly. If you combine this with the fact that you can also put the root into rooting compound and then put a cover over the top of it that will be holding the moisture and help to heat up the piece of cutting then you're almost certainly going to end up with the high quality cutting the will take root and give you a new tree or shrub for absolutely free and all as a result of humble set of secateurs.

What could be more rewarding using high-quality sectors and taking a nice trim and cutting and then make itself known you plant from the old one. This is usually cost effective and it means that you can actually start your own little garden based on just a couple of lines. If you got the time then use these years to get yourself really into the game and get a beautiful garden going for a real cheap price.

Use secateurs to clean up the garden

One of the main uses for secateurs is pruning up and cleaning up the garden. You will find yourself in a situation where the garden becomes really overgrown quickly because shrubs are really quick growing and they need to be trimmed back almost every year. If you don't cut them back then you can you end up with the situation with a really quite thin looking shrub and don't sit well all that great.

But if you trim them back and look after them were will mean that you'll get a nice thick growth and it will look really brilliant. Part of the problem with not trimming your plants back is the fact that they do really suffer and become overgrown and stretch themselves. Helping to trim them back or give them the ability to grow comfortably and not be blown over by wind for example. Personally I find this is one of the absolute best uses for secateurs out there. It means that you've got to have this in your toolbox. Given that secateurs really don't cost much money and can range from as little as £5 all the way out to a couple of hundred pounds means it really doesn't make a lot of sense to you if you haven't got one of these in your toolbox.

Pruning Secateur
Pruning Secateur

The best secateurs for pruning can cut thick shrub and they are on sale at Garden Tool Box and all the best models reviewed as well as the highest number of products tested too.Firstly whenever I need any garden tools or secretaries this is who I had to end they always come on with the absolute best products available on them.

To me what makes perfect secateurs is a really sharp blade. They also hold their blade edge really well and it doesn't matter if it's going through extreme thick shrubs or bushes and the prunings extremely difficult, it just gets the job done and makes my life really comfortable. The other thing I really like is a soft rubber grip, as well as spring loaded section, so as I push, they pull back on me as I don't have to pull them in and out which really saves me a bit of time. This saves me an awful lot of energy and if you get the right type of secateurs you'll find that you'd they won't be that hard to push in and they'll spring back all the same making them the perfect ally in your garden.

Pruning: Secateurs also help when cutting back roses and thorny shrubs

Pruning is the ultimate way of taking advantage of secateurs and it's their main purpose and to me, their soul use. If you are smart about how you pick your garden secateurs be, you can really get the best of them and they can really make a big difference in your garden and make things extremely comfortable when it comes to cutting and pruning and trimming anything that you need to in the garden. I would say that anything over an inch in depth you won't get through with hand secateurs and you probably need to look for something a bit more powerful but other than that, the humble secateurs will really do you well and save you an awful lot of time and discomfort in the garden. Personally I would go with the garden tool box they will give you a really great advice and low prices and give you some info; for example; depending on the hand size and strength or any other matters that might make a difference too.